Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School

Sacred Heart History and System


  Sacred Heart is a Catholic school, one private elementary school in Keelung city, which was established by Dr. Yao in 1965.

  Since the establishment of the school, the founder Dr. Yao went abroad many times to visit many different countries. He went to the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Italy, and many other countries to raise funds from concerned churches and institutions to enhance the school, the administration, and teaching equipments. The church experienced difficulties raising funds. But construction work on new buildings and the student activity center continued in order to use the school’s environment and facilities to its full potential.

  The school enrolled two classes of new students and became a school. Madam LAN MEI-YU continued to take charge as the principal since Aug. 1, 2013. She led the staff with integrity for the purpose of a better future for the school.


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